Cross in the hamlet of Preslap, Tompsan

The vow is placed on a Thracian burial mound, located on the main street of the hamlet. East of it there is another mound, now in a private yard.

The mound is overgrown with trees and beside the biggest one is placed the cross. The cross is equal arms with width of 40 cm and height together with the stand 55 cm.On its front side is engraved an equal arms cross whose arms end with an engraved circle. The shoulders of the cross are highlighted with embossed edge. On the top and on the two side arms are placed bouquets.

The cross has been broken and glued crookedly because part of his body probably was lacked. Currently, one of its arms is lower than the others.

Stylistically this cross is very similar to the cross placed on the adjacent mound. It is highly likely that they were placed in the same period. Currently no data about its correct dating.

Cross in the hamlet of Preslap, Tompsan

DD 42.92104632429545 23.381293416023254

DMS N 42° 55' 15.767'' E 23° 22' 52.656''

GPS track: Tompsan - hamlet Preslap