St. Elias, Rebrovo

The votive Cross "St. Elias" is located at the foot of the hill “Mogilata” (The Mount) on a separate upland which stands out from the surrounding terrain. It can be reached from the village of Rebrovo by crossing it in south direction, north of the railway station. In the hamlet Kozyak-Ogorelitsa it turn eastward and following a dirt quite steep path is reached to the foot of the peak.

The vow is located on an ancient mound that is slightly leveled up at the top for placing the cross.

At the place there are two crosses, one of them – the older and smaller have been replaced with a bigger and newer and have been placed in its base. The biggest cross was equal arms with width of 50 cm. Together with the stand its height reaches 65 centimeters. Currently the two horizontal shoulders are broken off and the cross has elongated form with expanded top and bottom edges.

At the front side is engraved a decorative cross which ends on its top with two symmetrical volutes and the lower shoulder is highlighted by a straight line in the middle. The two side arms are decorated with three relief circles. In the center is cut X-shaped element. The outlines of the cross were surrounded by edging. On the upper shoulder are placed three bouquets. Perhaps such kinds of bouquets were placed also on the horizontal arms which are currently broken.

The smaller cross, which has been at this place before placing the new one, is made of travertine and is heavily carved. It is also equal arms, but with very short horizontal shoulders. Its dimensions are 43 x 45 cm with a thickness of 13 cm.

Since any inscriptions are missing is very difficult to say when the crosses were placed. The fact that the biggest and the newest one is now badly damaged suggests that it was placed long before the communist regime in Bulgaria. As is known, during this period many of the votive monuments were demolished or broken. Perhaps this was the fate of the cross "St. Elias". I.e. the cross is at least from the beginning of 20 century, which place the date of the oldest one even earlier - probably in 18 century.

St. Elias, Rebrovo

DD 42.8994444 23.365000000000002

DMS N 42° 53' 58'' E 23° 21' 54''

GPS track: Rebrovo - peak "Mogilata"