St. Spas, Dobravitsa

The cross is located about 500 meters southwest of the hamlet Tsvetkovtsi. It is situated on the southern slope of the hill of Ponor Mountains, 823 meters above sea level.

At the sanctuary were three old oaks trees, one of which was hit by lightning, so at the place now can be seen only two trees. Under them since time immemorial stays a votive stone cross. The monument has a relatively small size (height of about 0.60 meters). Its shoulders are short and are with trapezoidal shape. On its front (western) side is engraved cross which edges ends also with crosses. Some time ago around the cross were scattered stones used for votive table but nowadays they’re not preserved as they were spread when the place was plowed.

Before September 9, 1944 at that place were done consecrations and sacrifices. In the communist period these customs were banned and abandoned. Nowadays that tradition is renewed.It is celebrated on Ascension (40 days after Easter).

Source: Свети места

St. Spas, Dobravitsa

DD 43.014556, 23.230966

N43°0’52.401’’ E23°13’51.478’’

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