Saints Constantine and Helena, Dobravitsa

The cross is located in the hamlet “Dolnata” (The lower) of the village. It is situated in a private property in the locality "Shuglata".

The stone votive cross is brought here in the 90s of 20 century from the locality "Chuka", situated high over the hamlet on a stone terrace.

The cross is Maltese type with equal trapezoidal shoulders each of them decorated with three bouquets. On its front side is depicted rosette symbolizing the sun. On its back side is carved the following inscription: "ST. CONST. HELENA ... KOLEV", which shows that the vow is placed by family Kolevi.

In the old days the residents of the Lower quarter were climbed to the sanctuary on June 2nd (old style) - the feast of Saints Konstantin and Helena and were given memorial service in honor of saints, health and fertility. During the communist period the holy place was abandoned. Subsequently, the old tradition was renewed, however not at the old place in locality "Chuka" but in the lower area near the houses.

Source: Свети места

Saints Constantine and Helena, Dobravitsa

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