"Presveta", Dobravitsa

The cross is located in the hamlet Topilata on the left side of the road to village of Zimevitsa at 1073 meters altitude.

The stone cross is placed in the end of 19 century. Previously the sanctuary together with the cross were located in a nearby area "Tsarkvishte" (the church) where are situated ruins of an ancient temple.

The votive Cross is a real masterpiece of the plastic art. It belongs to the Maltese type of crosses with equal and trapezoidal shoulders. Each of the upper shoulders have three bouquets, and on both sides of the base are carved phalluses. The front (western) side of the monument is decorated with original ornaments presenting a equal arms Cross on whose edges and in the center are woven four-leaves rosettes (ancient Bulgarian symbol). On the same side is engraved the year of manufacture of the cross - 1899.

Judging by the style of workmanship it can be assumed that the monument is work of a masters from stone craft school in Gintsi.

Today the sanctuary is maintained by the family Venkovtsi.

Source: Свети места

"Presveta", Dobravitsa

DD 43.025565, 23.243986

N43°1’32.034’’ E23°14’38.348’’

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