St. Spas, Dobarchin

The cross is located in the hamlet Shumatsite of the village of Dobarchin, in front of the house of Borislav Velkov. The vow was discovered knocked down in front of the fence of the yard and was straightened by the owner. It is known as a legend that the cross has been dedicated to St. Spas. This sanctuary is forgotten long time ago and is not celebrated.

The cross is old, made of travertine, badly damaged at the moment. Its shape is equal arms with rectangular horizontal shoulders and vertical wide at the ends and narrowing at the base. On the cross are engraved signs with shape of crosses.

The legend says that at this place apart from the cross was situated also an inn. East of the cross really are visible remnants of old walls with thickness of 0.80 meters built of dry masonry. The local say that in old days the village of Dobarchin was situated in the lowland and at that place weren't any houses. Later, when the Turks started to build a road nearby, the people have fled to the crags and this way were formed today's neighborhoods. So around the vows have settled people and the holy place has been forgotten.

St. Spas, Dobarchin

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