St. Spas, Breze

The vow is placed in the demolished church of the monastery "St. Spas" in the southeastern part of the village, close to the hamlet “Rekata”.

At that place is positioned a votive cross of Maltese type with equal trapezoidal shoulders and three bouquets on each. Its front side is decorated with beautiful plastic ornament representing three flower stalks, each of which ends with a rosette. On the reverse side of the cross are engraved inscriptions: "CHURCH SAINT SPAS", the year 1894 and the names of local people maintained the vow. Judging by the style of workmanship, the cross can be defined as products of the stone-craft school in Gintsi.

According to information given by Assen Vassilev, in 40s of the 20th century when he visited the medieval monastery, in the monastery church were two votive crosses dedicated to St. Petka and the monastery was called by the locals "St. John Deserted". Probably the current cross is brought from some other place in recent times and the old crosses were lost.

Source: Свети места

St. Spas, Breze

DD 43.01692, 23.223427

N43°1’0.912’’ E23°13’24.338’’

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