St. Peter, Breze

The cross is situated in the churchyard south of the church "St. Paraskeva".

The holy place is marked with impressive votive cross, reaching a height of about 1.50 meters. Its shoulders are arranged symmetrically and each of them is decorated with five bouquets. The front side is beautifully adorned with floral motif - an image of a plant with three branches. On the back side of the cross is engraved the year 1883 and below it – inscription: "HOLY APOSTLE PETER" and the names of local people who have ordered the cross and afterward have maintained it and have glorified the saint.

It is not known whether before the placement of this cross in 1883 there was another much older. Anyhow, knowing the continuity in votive practice, probably the sanctuary is very old. It is not excluded that the sacred place was existed here long before construction of the church in 1846.

Source: Свети места

St. Peter, Breze

DD 43.019095, 23.21515

N43°1’8.742’’ E23°12’54.54’’

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