Crosses in locality "Krastevets", Breze

The sanctuary is situated at the northern edge of the central neighborhood of the village, on the right site of the road leading to the hamlet Topilata of Dobravitsa.

At the place there are four votive cross. The biggest one is dedicated to St. St. Constantine and Elena. . It was placed by the brothers Velchovi in 1828 (according to the plaque dangled on the cross). According to another sources, one of the other two crosses is dedicated to St. George, but which one exactly is not clear. One of the them has a poorly visible inscriptions and the other is very old and in very damaged condition. Between the crosses is placed a very small cross with very short side shoulders. It is not known whether any of the crosses has been dedicated to another saint.

Source: Свети места

Crosses in locality "Krastevets", Breze

DD 43.021303, 23.211218

N43°1’16.691’’ E23°12’40.384’’

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