Belinov Cross, Breze

The vow is located north of the hamlet Kelemerovtsi of Breze, about 100 meters left of the road Breze-Dobravitsa (neighborhood Topilata). It is located on a small hill of the southern slopes of the Ponor Mountains, on 972 meters above sea level.

According to local legend, originally Breze is located in this place when it had only a few houses. Even today all over the area can be found remains of ancient walls. Subsequently the settlement grew and at that place was put a stone cross to remind the location of the first village. So at the cross was formed a consecrated ground on which the locals performed religious rites. Cannot be ruled the possibility that the cross is placed at the place of a destroyed church belonging to the settlement.

Today the ancient cross is broken and about it remains only the basis upon which is carved a cross. Around the broken Cross are scattered stone pieces, some of which could belong to it.

Source: Свети места

Belinov Cross, Breze

DD 43.021303, 23.211218

N43°1’16.691’’ E23°12’40.384’’

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