Crosses in the hamlet of Bardo, Breze

The sanctuary is located about 3 km southwest from the center of Breze. It is located near the crossroads to the left of the road to the center of the neighborhood Bardo at 1069 meters altitude.

There are three crosses at the place. The first one at left is surrounded by a stone wall with a dry masonry, which shapes the contours of a small rectangular chapel. The cross has equal trapezoidal shoulders decorated with bouquets. At its base is carved a small niche that plays role of symbolic altar and is designed for lighting of candles. On the obverse side of the cross on his shoulders is written inscription: "Saint George" and above it on the upper shoulder – the year 1919.

The other two crosses are 2 meters to the right of the first and they are also surrounded by a makeshift chapel of dry masonry. One of them is bigger and belongs to the most popular Maltese type. Its shoulders have equal length - the horizontals are decorated with three bouquets and upper one – with four. The front side is decorated with beautiful plastic ornament. It is cut a stylized flower with three sprigs, each of which shows a separate shoulder and ends with rosette. This motif occurs frequently on the crosses in the area. At the base of the cross is situated a niche for candles just like the neighboring cross "St. George". On both sides of the base is placed a plastic image of phallus – symbol of fertility. On the reverse side of the cross has an inscription which is unreadable.

This cross is very similar in style (except for the size) to St. Peter in the church of St. Paraskeva in Breze. These crosses are work of masters from Gintsi where were made such a monuments spread in all Western Balkan Mountains.

The second cross is much smaller and is made by travertine. Judging by its damaged condition it is the oldest one. Probably it was stood at this place before the second well-made cross to be placed here.

According to local legend the sanctuary is built at the place of an old monastery destroyed by the Turks. About the existence of an ancient monastery testify remains of massive walls that enclose a very large area around the consecrated ground. In support of this statement testifies also the name of the hill on which is situated the neighborhood Bardo - except as "Mali Ponor" it is known also as "Manastirishte" (Monastery). The legends narrate that in the “sacred” mountain there were other disappeared monasteries and that at their places were placed votive crosses too. Not coincidentally the neighboring village, west of the neighborhood Brdo, also bears the name "Manastirishte" (Monastery). Unfortunately till now no written records about these spiritual centers are known.

Source: Свети места

Crosses in the hamlet of Bardo, Breze

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