Old settlement, Bov

Close to the vow "St. Archangel Michael" are situated remains of an old settlement.The village is located on a gentle slope facing west. On an area of about 3 acres are scattered the remains of five or six square shaped buildings. The walls are built of rectangular stones without mortar with a preserved height of 1 m. The buildings are located close to each other and form a small village.

According to locals at this place were existed "huts". It is very possible, however, these ruins to be much older because the old Bulgarian houses usually were built with broken stones. Anyway, the place impresses with combination of panoramic views to the Iskar Gorge and the ruins of an old settlement.

Old settlement, Bov

DD 43.0220972 23.363469444444444

DMS N 43° 1' 19.55'' E 23° 21' 48.49''

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