Tumulus necropolis on the peak "The Mound", Rebrovo

The necropolis is located at the foot of hill "The mound" at altitude 970 meters. The place is accessible from the village of Rebrovo and is 5 km away from the railway station. To reach here you should cross the modern village north of the train station and follow south direction till the hamlet Kozjak-Ogorelitsa where it turns to the east. The path leads through the area “Goliamata poliana” and for several kilometers follows a continuous slope.

The necropolis consists of three clearly detectible mounds and possibly one more located on the very top of “The mound”, which currently cannot be identified with certainty because of the violation of the terrain due to building at that place of the television repeater.

Two of the mounds are located at the foot of “The mound” and the third one - on a hill situated also at the foot of the peak. On third mound is placed the vow "St. Elias", whereat the mound is slightly leveled up, but still is visible on the surface of the surrounding terrain.

The existence of sanctuary created within an ancient Thracian necropolis is one more case in the municipality of Svoge, proving that the local population practices very ancient traditions. This continuity is impressive as it affects an extremely long period of time - over 2500 years.

Tumulus necropolis on the peak "The Mound", Rebrovo

DD 42.897707656948505 23.36413264274597

DMS N 42° 53' 51.748'' E 23° 21' 50.877''

GPS track: Rebrovo - peak "The mound"