"The mound" near Rebrovo

The site is registered in the archaeological map of Bulgaria as Ancient fortress on the hill “Mogilata” (The Mound).

The hill itself is at altitude of 1085 meters and on it is located a television repeater. It is accessible from the village Rebrovo following a road, which initially goes to south crossing the hamlet “Mala kasta” till hamlet “Kozjak-Ogorelitsa” where turns to the east and after few kilometers reaches the foot of "The mound". The total distance from the railway station Rebrovo to the top of the hill is 5 km.

Currently, the place where is built the TV repeater is aligned and north of it stands a separate hill, which looks like an individual mound located on the crest of the hill. Perhaps this is the reason why the hill is named "The mound". Because of the modern constructions the terrain is significantly impaired, but the likelihood "The mound" really to represent an ancient Thracian mound, is not excluded. Moreover, at the foot of the hill are situated more three mounds, which are clearly distinguishable on the terrain.

Remains of old constructions can be seen on the southeastern slope of the hill where clearly traces the route of a destroyed wall with southeast-northwest direction, an angular facility and its extension to the north, where disappears in the dense vegetation.

In the basis of these stone constructions is clearly traceable the face of the wall built with rectangular stones of dry solder. These are the only evidences about existence of some fortification structures. The date of these ruins for now cannot be clarified, but the construction manner is typical for other places in the Iskar Gorge (Osikovo’s fortress, Lakatnik), where probably the fortresses belong to the Bulgarian Middle Ages.

It is not excluded also the possibility, these constructions to be related with the mound located at the very top. In that case they can be interpreted as remains of sacred fence and to be connected with the Thracian period.

Without additional studies or data about some finds coming from the place, the date of this archaeological site remains unsure.

"The mound" near Rebrovo

DD 42.9019444 23.371111111111112

DMS N 42° 54' 7'' E 23° 22' 16''

GPS track: Rebrovo - peak "The mound"