The Latin fortress near Elenov dol

The fortress is located 0.13 km northeast of the Monastery "Seven Thrones" and 3.16 km south in a straight line from the center of the village Elenov dol. The fortress is built on the crest of an elongated hill located on the right bank of the Gabrovnitsa River. From the hill has excellent visibility to almost the entire valley of the river to the north and south. Also is visible a big part of the Vetrinski dol River which comes from the west and is a left tributary of Gabrovnica River.

The fortress on the hill is small and with almost circular shape. Its maximum length is 40 m and the maximum width - 35 m. The fortification wall from the south is built in a manner that fills only some sections between the scattered in this area rocks. Along the wall are preserved parts with a height of 2.5 m. In the southeastern area the fortification wall is not built because at that place are situated vertical cliffs.In the other sections the wall can be seen now in form of embankment with a height of one meter. Additional strengthening is made in the northeastern side, where the hill is connected with the main array through a very narrow saddle. There are remains of a second wall and a moat. The interior was tightly built.

The Latin fortress near Elenov dol

DD 43.0005944 23.47455833333333

DMS N 43° 0' 2.14'' E 23° 28' 28.41''

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