"Grado" near Bov

The fortress is situated southeast of the village, about 700 meters away of the railway station. It is located on about 500 m altitude, on the easternmost ridge of the mountain crest whose highest point is the peak “Tsarni kamak” (877 m.). It occupies not a large area along the narrow ridge that develops in east-west direction. The whole ridge is covered with ruins of rough broken stones. Apparently, the only original preserved building structures are at the northern and southern slope of the hill where are visible heavily damaged foundations of walls without solder.

The hill is with rocky structure and formed two natural terraces, situated one below the other. In the highest (western) part the terrain is fenced and here starts a private property, which includes part of the fortress.

Currently on the fortress are built modern stone walls, which are not original but make such an impression. On the lower of the two terraces is shaped stone structure where several steps leads to a small balcony with erected Bulgarian flag on it. At the southern slope of the ridge is placed a handmade metal plate which reads: "Health Corner - Panorama. Labor visual panoramic therapy. Man, from wherever you come, sit, relax and tell a good word if you are a man, if not, go on and be healthy! Thank you keeping clean”.

The modern "rebuilds" on this archaeological site are almost entirely wiped out the original plan and construction of the fort. Apparently, the fortification walls were located lower than their modern replicas and were built of stones on a dry solder. This type of construction is typical for the Thracian period (5-3 c. BC), as well as for some mountain fortresses from the time of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom (13-14 c. AD). From here is opened a panoramic view to the Iskar River and to the neighboring significantly higher peaks.

"Grado" near Bov

DD 43.01987036620776 23.35733324289322

DMS N 43° 1' 11.533'' E 23° 21' 26.399''

Distance: 750 м

Maximum slope: 24,5%, -17,7%

Altitude: 428, 455, 488 м

GPS track: Station Bov - Fortress "Grado"

See the hiking trail Station Bov - Fortress "Grado"

The fortress "Grado" is easily accessible and is located near the railway station Bov, from where is taken south direction. It goes through the river Treskavets and at the second exit it turns left, where starts a rather steep street. At the end of the street is located the fortress.