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"Gradiste" near Batulya

The fortress "Gradiste" near the village of Batulya is situated on 600 m altitude, on a narrow mountain ridge, which maximum width reaches no more than 10-15 m. The length of the fortified area is approximately 100 meters. Its outline is fan-shaped with a maximum extension at eastern end.

Currently the site is heavily overgrown with oak trees and the remains of the fortification are poorly distinguishable at the southern and the northern edge of the hill.The preserved height above the current surface of the stone fortification structures is not more than 0.5 meters. However, should be taken into account that the current surface is lifted as a result of fallen ruins of the walls and that after the removal of the stones the preserved height of the fort will be probably much greater.

The fortification walls are built by stones bonded with white mortar. In places where the remains of the walls are visible their thickness reaches 1.5 / 2.0 meters. The layout of the fortification wall is traced well along 20 meters at the southern edge of the ridge and over 100 meters at the northern. In the eastern part of the fortified area are detectable the remains of square tower.

The access to the fortress is from the west through a rock crevice with a width of about 1 m. This is the narrowest place of the fortress. At the northern site of the rock is visible a round hole probably connected with the construction of a wooden gate?

Inside the fortified area some treasure hunting pits are uncovered pieces of the interior buildings - stone structures with preserved height of 1 m and construction of stones on a dry solder.

"Gradiste" near Batulya

DD 42.8992694 23.429255555555557

DMS N 42° 53' 57.37'' E 23° 25' 45.32''

Distance: 4,44 км

Maximum slope: 42,8%, -35,3%

Altitude: 497, 541, 622 м

GPS track: Rebrovo - Gradiste

See the hiking trail Rebrovo - rest house "Bukovets" - rest house "Leskova"

The fortress “Gradiste” near Batulya is one of the few easily accessible mountain strongholds. The fortress is possible to reach by car following the deviation from the main road E16 (Sofia - Svoge) to the village of Batulya. At the eastern part of the village an information board "Batuliyski monastery" points the direction.

Access to the “Gradiste” is possible also on food. From Sofia to Rebrovo travels comfortable train. From Rebrovo the visitor should follow the direction of the main road E16 and the deviation to the village of Batulya. From here the route goes along the right bank of the river Batuliyska with panoramic views and very slight slope. Its length is less than 3 km and in the village are many restaurants and cafes suitable for a short break before the climb to the fortress.

The road to the monastery, which begins immediately after the village, is covered with gravel and wide. There is only one branch where you have to take left. The slope is quite large, but the road is not long and ends in the courtyard of the monastery "St. Nicholas". The entrance to Gradishte is located next to the eastern corner of the monastery building.

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