The church "St. Spas" in Ogoya

The church is located at the eastern part of the modern cemetery of the village of Ogoya. It is not registered as a historical or archaeological monument and has so far been unknown to science.

Obviously this is a very old Christian monument. Probably centuries ago it has served as a cemetery's church. The reason why she was abandoned is unclear. Anyway - around it the Christians continue to bury their dead.

Currently the church is in ruins. Two periods are clearly visible. At first the church was a one-nave, one-sided, small-sized. Later, was added a narthex, twice larger than the original building. In its final appearance, the church was an impressive building about 20 meters in length.

Probably the construction of the new village church "St. Archangel Michael "(early 20th century) ended the existence of the cemetery church St. Spas. Its ruins are part of the history of the region and so far they have not been registered and described. They are interesting both for the visitors and for the people whose ancestors have built and managed this temple.

The church "St. Spas" in Ogoya

DD 42.9061028 23.524869444444445

DMS N 42° 54' 21.97'' E 23° 31' 29.53''