Monastery of St. Panteleimon, Lakatnik

The monastery is located in the locality "Izdremets" near the hut "Trastend". A few meters south of the monastery began an array of raspberry plantations and in its the vicinity is one of the two lakes in the locality "Dolnoto” (The Lower).

From the former medieval monastery today are preserved only the ruins of the monastery church. The building has quite large dimensions - 20 meters long and 8 meters wide. The construction is by stone blocks cemented with mortar.

According to the legend at that place was situated an ancient Thracian sanctuary near which centuries later students of St. Clement of Ohrid built the monastery. There are suggestions that for some period an abbot of the monastery was the legendary priest Martin, who maintained close relationships with the monastery Seven Thrones.

The monastery was destroyed by the Turks during the “kurdjali” period (from Turkish: “kır” – field, “cali” – robber. Period of unrest in Turkish Empire in 18 – beginning of the 19 century), then failed to recover.

In the monastery were kept many books but because of repeated devastations, all literature is lost.

Today is preserved the vow "St. Pantaley the Passenger " with an old votive cross, which was placed after the destruction of the monastery to remind about the holy place. According to the legend the cross was placed in 1800-1814 by Stoyan Gragorev from the family of Shunkyovtsi. The cross was celebrated on August 9 (old style) - today on July 27. Since the establishment of the vow till today the sacrificial rite is given by the heirs of Stoyan Gragorev.

Sources: Свети места

Monastery of St. Panteleimon, Lakatnik

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